How Can You Guarantee Fishing Success VS. Luck?

All bass fishermen, regardless of experience, have a passion for bass fishing. We read lots of articles, watch videos on the web, read the latest bass fishing magazines, watch bass fishing shows on television, and periodically check out the latest fishing report. We really start to dig hard into that information when we have an upcoming trip to the lake for a tournament or for recreational fishing.

You're Ready, But Are You Really?
Imagine that you are loaded with information from varying sources. You have purchased all of the latest baits, rods, reels, and so forth, and you are prepared for a fishing trip. You get onto this massive 55,000 acre Lake of the Ozarks either in a boat, or you step onto a bank or dock. You are loaded with confidence and anticipation and are looking forward to catching many bass and maybe even some really big ones. And then in the first hour or two, you are skunked. You have caught no fish. Your confidence begins to drop a bit, but still you have anticipation and confidence as you still have lots of time to fish.

Fishing the Lake of the Ozarks is Different
However, it is natural that those random thoughts start to enter your head. I must be using the wrong bait. The water is clear, there is no wind, and the sun is shining bright, so what should I be fishing with or where should I be fishing? So you draw upon all of that information that you have consumed prior to the trip and you start changing baits and changing colors. You move to different locations while you still have confidence and anticipation, but a bit of frustration starts to set in. Then, kaboom! You get one. Cool. You feel relieved and continue to do the same thing. This must be the pattern. Perhaps you catch a couple more. This is considered a qualified bit of luck. Why? Because if you are not fishing Lake of the Ozarks nearly every day, you cannot be completely clear about the pattern and behavior of the bass due to the varying conditions of the wind, current, sky, water temperature, water clarity, structures, and so forth.

The information that you have read and consumed in preparation for your trip, while it is a valuable part of enhancing your success, is often from other lakes, is out of date, or is just not at all applicable to the Lake of the Ozarks. Even weekly fishing reports from around the lake may be dated. While they can certainly help you to dial into some specific tips, the bass move daily and at times hourly based on many factors. The eating habits of the bass change, and there is no great way to predict what is going on with the bass at any given time. The last thing in the world that you to want to happen is to have to return home with few or no really good catches during your outing. Maybe you caught a few or even one big one so you feel okay with that result, but in the back of your mind you know that you hoped for more or bigger bass.

What is an Average or Good Fisherman?
Well, there are many factors, all of which can be debated. Some would characterize an average or good fisherman is a fisherman who when he arrives on the lake knows with a high degree of confidence what the fish are likely doing that day, what have the bass patterns been the previous couple of days, what baits and colors will work for the specific conditions, where the fish are more likely to be, what their current eating habits and movements are, and how they want the bait presented to them. Having that knowledge and confidence will graduate you from lucky to average or good.

Guarantee Your Fishing Success!
So, how can you be GUARANTEED to have better success rather than lucky success? How can you graduate from lucky to being an average or even a good fisherman for your fishing trip and future fishing trips?  It is a very simple answer. Keep your secret weapon in the palm of your hand with a Bassing Bob membership. If you fish at the Lake of the Ozarks and aren’t a member yet, you're missing out on a ton of tried-and-true bass fishing tips and tricks that we know work! With different levels of memberships, we make our memberships as economical as possible by enabling members to subscribe to the platforms that cover their interests. Whether you're new to fishing or you're a seasoned pro who hits up every tournament possible, anyone can benefit from a membership at Bassing Bob.

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