Point View Resort Deploys Incredible Fish Habitat in Lake of the Ozarks

Point Review Resort recently created a new fishing haven on Lake of the Ozarks by installing innovative artificial fish habitat structures for fish to congregate. Designed and developed by Fishiding.com of Wonder Lake, Illinois, the environmentally friendly complex, one of the largest of its kind, is comprised of dozens of structures intended to provide cover and protection for many species of fish.

Colossal Fish Habitat
Fishiding.com has been developing and building fish habitats for over a decade and this will be the first placement of their newest patent pending models, which are the largest modular artificial fish habitats anyone has designed to date. Fishiding.com owner David Ewald said that if you want to create a real fish magnet that’s stable, permanent and holds vast numbers of fish, “we needed to think really big. The system we’ve placed at Point View is colossal in scope,” Ewald said. “We’re talking about hundreds of individual modular pieces assembled into a sophisticated framework that we’ve designed to make a real footprint on the lake floor and attract substantial numbers of fish.”

Using materials safe for the environment was an important consideration from the beginning. Because the PVC and cement used in the structures will never decay, protection for the fish stays intact from generation to generation of fish, allowing them to take refuge and prosper year after year in the same area.

The largest pieces tower from the lake floor some 16 feet creating underwater skyscrapers for fish to use as refuge. The smaller structures provide cover and protection in the shallower water near the shore. In total, the assembled complex weighs over 7,000 pounds and covers about 8,500 square feet adjacent to and under the resort’s docks, including the indoor heated fishing house. Unlike brush piles or Christmas trees which are often used to attract the fish but are prone to decay and being swept away by storms, this artificial habitat is super tall, won’t deteriorate over time and has a lifespan that could approach 100 years or more.

“It’s basically going to be immovable,” Ewald explained, citing recent flooding and storms that washed away virtually all the existing fish habitat that was previously placed at Point View Resort. “These things cannot tip, slide or drag from where they are installed, they are there for good.”

A Worthy Investment
Point View Resort owner Laura Salamun believes the new habitat is a worthy investment. “The fishing has always been good here, but we lost a lot of our fish habitat with the storm damage last summer,” Salamun said. “This will bring the fish back to hang around and we except that fisherman to be really happy with the results. We are already seeing results and look forward to an incredible spring fishing season.”

You will find a great video of the fish habitat installation at Fishiding.com and more information about Point View Resort at pointviewresort.com or 573-873-5340.

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